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Monday, May 3, 2010

For your information, everyone knows monsters prefer blondes

Fresh from drunkenly calling the audience at his IMRO showcase gig in Kill, Co. Kildare "fuckers", I Love The Monster Hero is a one man band who must have been an employee of the DayGlo Color Corporation at one stage or another, pedaling a lusciously luminous concoction of 8-bit blips, distorted guitars drum machines and loops. Oscillating between an experimental psychedelic pop much akin to the Olivia Tremor Control or the 13th Floor Elevators, fuzz-quilted folk with bite and fizzy, sparsely instrumented dance pop, the music is as frivolous and eclectic as the B-movie to which the name pays homage*

I Love The Monster Hero is winsome musical collage, a mash-up of primitive sounds that toe the line between lo-fi and no-fi but together manage to engender an instinctively hooking, bubbly sunshine pop. The rough, gleeful, quirk addled qualities of the band are sublimely showcased on "Toni Bailey", a synthetic, buoyant blast of distortion and sparkling chimes and "Little Gem", which, with its simple, slightly coarse guitar lines and layered vocals, will stick like velcro.

The eternally listenable tunes of I Love Monster hero are available for all ears

* "I Love the Monster Hero" is a reference to "The Toxic Avenger", a mid '80s comic caper about a weedy mop boy called Melvin who accidentally falls into a barrel of toxic waste and is hence transformed into the local disfigured Superhero, affectionately referred to as "Toxie". Adorable.

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