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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

sanka very much

my heart swelled. this means i'm in love.

knoxville natives
COOLRUNNINGS. heartwarming pop culture reference. heartwarming pop songs. reminiscent of the quaintly crude analogue melodies of casiotone for the painfully alone except infinitely less maudlin, the watery echoed multitracked vocals, arpeggiated synth sounds and drum loops render the songs perfect john hughes soundtrack material. take "burnout", a song about teenage love, loss and being a stoner.

"you're going to have fun but you will still miss me/you're going to be kissed, but not like you kissed me";

the songwriting is simple, but not irritatingly so nor irritatingly shallow (bethany cosetino stand up bitch). it's urgent and earnest, over rolling drums and new wave inflected keyboards and guitars. COOLRUNNINGS adhere to '80s pop song structure and implement euphoric major chord sequences. it can only be described as perfectly fitting that their bandcamp page features a cover of "road to nowhere"; the music is tinted with the electronic pop sounds pursued by talking heads circa brian eno. nostalgic in all facets COOLRUNNINGS may be, their propensity to play with sounds and special effects prevents them from being simply derivative. "buffalo" evokes the kind of fuzzy fairground melodies currently being peddled by no monster club; a wonky, psychedelic pop with jerky doo wop vocals. it's a fantastical formula that is showcased to perfection on "redheads";

i am just besotted. it's simple but textured; nostalgic but not recycled. it's crisp and warm and wistful, like when the sun shines during winter. the two EPs, buffalo and babes forever are availble to download for free on the dracula horse website. i beseech thee to take three minutes of your time to do so; they're just as good as the film. and we all know how good that was. so good my housemates dressed up as the jamaican bobsled team for hallowe'en. the chassis of their bobsled was constructed out of bamboo. it's currently being rained on in our back garden.

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