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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thirty Days of Music- Part XXI

I don’t know when exactly it happened anymore, but over the years I gradually made the transformation from being fair skinned to deathly pale. But I like pallor. I think people with unblemished porcelain skin can look flawless. I used to slather myself in fake tan when I was younger; it smelt like shit and came off in flakes and resembled impetigo. When my family and I went on holiday to Portugal my intolerance to heat was so high that I had to go back up to the hotel room every afternoon. In many ways, I’m thankful for this, mainly because it was how I discovered a Portuguese soap opera called Floribella. I didn’t understand what was going on but I made up my own plot lines and became quite attached to the characters. In summation, I am destined to be a pale person. It is the ultimate irony that contrary to popular belief I actually do like sunlight.

I like the feeling of sunshine on my face**. I like when there’s barely any breeze and the air is warm and smells exactly the same as when you first step off the plane on your holidays. It’s impossible to not feel immeasurably happier. When I’m at home I can take my dogs to a forest near my house where there’s the perfect combination of sunlight and shade and it’s not too warm to be unable to concentrate on making sure the blind one doesn’t get lost. I don’t know whether it’s possible to gauge happiness, or what precisely makes you happy, but on some of those walks, on days like those, I have felt my heart swell. Maybe I’m just a sucker for visually impaired canines.

Soaring sunshine forest walks, understandably, need to be sountracked, and what better than by a positive hardcore dance-rap band. From Canada.
Day 21 is a song you listen to when you are happy.

Ninja High School - Shake It Off

This song reminds me of sunshine and paints and every single film I ever loved from my childhood.

* though this may also be attributed to a poorly supplemented vegetarian diet

** even if it is plastered in factor 50 sunscreen

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  1. quit toying with me dawg...there was no first asterisk!!